Welcome to the website of the official ProtonCoin, a cryptocoin from the team behind ProtonMail.

Why Blockchain?

Proton's interest in blockchain technology lines along 3 main paths which are detailed below.

Safe Payments

A decentralized global payment network that cannot be shut down or blocked can guarantee the financial security of businesses around the world which are currently completely beholden to several monopolistic payment networks.

Web of Trust

Distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain are uniquely suited to function as a public append only log. Such a log can be used to store public encryption keys making it possible to reliably verify and trust keys.

Decentralized Corporations

Blockchain makes it possible to automatically track the shareholders of corporations, and is scalable up to millions of shareholders and millions of transactions. This significantly lowers the barriers of entry to public financing.

ProtonCoin's Purpose

ProtonCoin seeks to fulfill several purposes. First, ProtonCoin is a way for the general public to participate in the growth and expansion of ProtonMail and the entire Proton ecosystem, centered around the ideas of security and privacy. Secondly, ProtonCoin is the building blocks for what may be the world's first decentralized organization that distributes the participation rights of Proton widely so that no single entity can exert complete control over the ecosystem that we are developing. Third, ProtonCoin and Proton by extension will become an organization of the future, which is governed and managed in a transparent fashion by leveraging the power of blockchain.

Most importantly, ProtonCoin is a way to ensure that we continue to support the community behind our projects, and a way for the community to support the continued development of the ecosystem that we are building.


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There is one and only one official ProtonCoin (protoncoin.com). For updates and news, please follow one of our official channels. Any other ProtonCoin is either fake or a scam.


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